Google Universal Analytics Guide

Each widget supports event tracking through Google Tag Manager.

Please note: Google Analytics tracking without Google Tag Manager is not supported and must be implemented separately!

Google Tag Manager configuration

Under Tags, add a new tag of type Universal Analytics. Set the Track type to Event.

Under Variables create the following Data Layer Variables:

Name Data Layer Variable
Event Kategorie eventCategory
Event Aktion eventAction
Event Label eventLabel
Event Wert eventValue

Creation of the data layer variable "Event category"

Store the data layer variables in the previously created tag in Event Tracking Parameters.

Event Tracking parameters

Under Ecommerce, the settings Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Features and Use Data Layer must be activated.

Enhanced Ecommerce features

Now you must create a trigger which executes the newly created code. To do this, switch to the menu item Triggers and create a Custom Event with the event name BsWidgetEvent.

Create a trigger

Subsequently, the newly created trigger must be referenced in the tag. In the tag settings go to Triggering and select the previously created trigger from the resulting list.

Reference trigger in tag

The configuration is now complete.

Google Analytics events

As the user interacts with the widget, events are generated in the background for all possible interactions. These are stored in the global dataLayer variable, which the Google Tag Manager can read and process. If everything is set up correctly you can view them in your Google Analytics account under Behavior, Events.

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

Enhanced Ecommerce enables you to track your product purchases and bounces happening between individual booking steps.

It is recommended to store descriptive names for the 4 booking steps in the Google Analytics account under Admin -> View -> Ecommerce Settings -> Checkout Labeling.

Labels for the 4 booking steps in Google Analytics

Subsequently, you can analyze the bounce rate under Conversions, Ecommerce, Checkout behavior.

Labels for the 4 booking steps in Google Analytics