Enquiry Widget

Accommodation: Testhotel Webseitentool HGV (hotelhgv.it) (9002)


Create a widget instance by embedding the following code within your webpage inside the <body /> tag:

<div id="Bs-EnquiryWidget"></div>
<script id="booking-suedtirol-js" src="https://widget.bookingsuedtirol.com/v2/bundle.js" defer></script>
    .addEventListener("load", () => {
        BookingSüdtirol.Widgets.Enquiry("#Bs-EnquiryWidget", {
            accommodationId: 9002,
            lang: "de",
            onEnquirySuccess: (reservation) => {
                // Called after successful enquiry

Please note: Do not include the script in a bundle or host a copy of it yourself.


Use BookingSüdtirol.Widgets.Enquiry(domElement, settings) to create new widget instances.

Method arguments

domElement: string | DOM element

The CSS selector or DOM element where your widget will be mounted.

settings: object

Initialization options. See API below. Each widget instance can have it's own settings.

URL parameters

The following list of settings can also be passed over the URL.

  • accommodationId
  • lang
  • arrival
  • departure
  • offerId
  • roomId
  • boardId
  • utm_medium
  • utm_source
  • utm_campaign

Notice that URL parameters always overwrite widget instance settings.


accommodationId: number

ID of the accommodation

Mandatory field. The accommodation must already have been activated for the widget.

lang: string?


  • de: German (default)
  • it: Italian
  • en: English
  • fr: French

arrival: string?

Defines the arrival date in ISO 8601 format (yyyy-MM-dd)


departure: string?

Defines the departure date in ISO 8601 format (yyyy-MM-dd)


layout: string?

Determines the widget layout

  • layout-1 (default)
  • layout-2
  • layout-3

offerId: number?

Enables you to preselect a specific special via its ID.

ID Special name
1942598 Nicht ohne meinen besten Freund
1942603 Weiße Wochen
3125446 Weihnachtszauber in Südtirols Süden

roomId: number?

Enables you to preselect a specific room via its ID. The ID can be read either via the MSS interface or the following chart.

ID Room name
25722 Einbettzimmer
25723 Doppelzimmer Deluxe
25724 Doppelzimmer
25725 Dreibettzimmer

boardId: number?

Enables you to preselect a specific board via its ID.

ID Board name
0 Beliebige Verpflegung
1 Nur Übernachtung
2 Frühstück
3 3/4 Pension

promotion: [string | null, string | null, string | null]?

Enables you to customize the advertising fields medium (ResID_SourceContext), source (ResID_Source) und campaign (ResID_Value) and submit them to the PMS.

How exactly the fields are to be filled has been precisely defined in the AlpineBits Standard and can be read in the corresponding documentation in section 4.2.5 Implementation tips and best practice.

['Advertising medium', 'Advertising source', 'Advertising campaign']

Default value: [null, null, null]

ASA promotion fields

The Google Analytics parameters utm_medium, utm_source, and utm_campaign campaign offer the possibility to submit the fields individually.

For example, the URL https://www.URL.com/?utm_medium=metasearch&utm_source=tripadvisor.com&utm_campaign=tripadvisor_desktop would submit ['metasearch', 'tripadvisor.com', 'tripadvisor_desktop'] to the PMS.

Please note: Using this feature will set a 30-day tracking cookie. In this case, add the cookie bs_widget_promotion to your Privacy Policy. If you want to prevent the cookie from being set, insert the code window.BookingSüdtirolTrackingConsent = false; before the widget is loaded.

source: string?

Enables the widget to be installed on portals with multiple accommodations. For this functionality, please contact support directly.

onEnquirySuccess: (reservation: object)? => void?

Function called after successful enquiry.

    arrival: string | undefined;  // ISO 8601
    departure: string | undefined;  // ISO 8601
    occupancies: {
        roomId: number;
        roomTitle: string;
        adults: number;
        children: number[];
        board: 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6;
    gender: "" | "m" | "f" ;
    firstname: string;
    lastname: string;
    email: string;
    phone: string;
    street: string;
    zipcode: string;
    city: string;
    country: string;
    note: string;
    newsletter: boolean;


As the user interacts with the widget, events are generated in the background for the following interactions:

Google Analytics 4


The user completes an enquiry.

Parameter Description Value
transaction_id Unique reservation ID 1234567
affiliation Widget type HGV Enquiry Widget

Google Universal Analytics (deprecated)

event eventCategory eventAction eventLabel eventValue
BsWidgetEvent HGV-Anfragewidget Anfrage erfolgreich Language ID