Prices Widget

Accommodation: Testhotel Webseitentool HGV ( (9002)


Create a widget instance by embedding the following code within your webpage inside the <body /> tag:

<div id="Bs-PricesWidget"></div>
<script id="booking-suedtirol-js" src="" defer></script>
    .addEventListener("load", function() {
        BookingSüdtirol.Widgets.Prices("#Bs-PricesWidget", {
            accommodationId: 9002,
            lang: 'de'

Please note: Do not include the script in a bundle or host a copy of it yourself.


Use BookingSüdtirol.Widgets.Prices(domElement, settings) to create new widget instances.

Method arguments

domElement: string | DOM element

The CSS selector or DOM element where your widget will be mounted.

settings: object

Initialization options. See API below. Each widget instance can have it's own settings.

URL parameters

The following list of settings can also be passed over the URL.

  • accommodationId
  • lang

Notice that URL parameters always overwrite widget instance settings.


accommodationId: number

ID of the accommodation

Mandatory field. The accommodation must already have been activated for the widget.

lang: string?


  • de: German (default)
  • it: Italian
  • en: English
  • fr: French

layout: string?

Determines the widget layout

  • layout-1 (default)
  • layout-2
  • layout-3

grouping: string?

Groupes prices by

  • offer (Default)
  • board

roomIds: number[]?

Enables you to display and order specific rooms via their ID.

ID Room name
25722 Einbettzimmer
25723 Doppelzimmer Deluxe
25724 Doppelzimmer
25725 Dreibettzimmer

offerIds: number[]?

Enables you to display and order specific offers via their ID.

ID Offer name
49143 Zimmer Preise
263105 Rabatt ab 7 Nächte
279862 Zuschlag Kurzaufenthalt 1 Nacht

boardIds: number[]?

Enables you to display and order specific boards via their ID.

ID Board name
0 Beliebige Verpflegung
1 Nur Übernachtung
2 Frühstück
3 3/4 Pension

source: string?

Enables the widget to be installed on portals with multiple accommodations. For this functionality, please contact support directly.


This widget does not fire any events.